4 Commercial Projects You Should Leave to the Professionals

4 Commercial Projects You Should Leave to the Professionals

When it comes to commercial electrical projects, it’s often tempting to attempt a DIY fix to save money. While this may suffice for changing out light bulbs and other common electrical-related tasks, any project that requires actual electric work should really be left to a professional electrician.

In today’s blog post from Premier Electrical Contractors Inc., we’ll discuss four tasks that you are better off leaving to the professional commercial electrical contractors in the GTA. Read on to learn more.

Fire Alarm and Life Safety

When it comes to the safety of your employees, clients, and your property, it’s essential that you invest in proper electrical work. Fire alarm and life safety systems should always be installed by a professional electrician to ensure they are working properly and meet all applicable codes and standards.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation systems increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. However, in order to do so, and do so safely, they must be installed by a professional electrician. Industrial automation systems require complex wiring and electrical work, and if this is not done properly, it can be hazardous to your employees. You also want to ensure your industrial automation systems meet requirements for CSA compliance.

Lighting Retrofits and Control Systems

When it comes to lighting retrofits and lighting control systems, the electrical process can be more complex than you might think. If you want to ensure everything is operating correctly, hiring a commercial electrician is a must. Beyond installation, a professional electrician can also help to handle everything from the proper environmentally responsible disposal of light bulbs to energy audits to ensure your system is running optimally.

Generators and UPS Systems

Generators are not only important to keep your facility running in case of a power outage, but they also keep your fire and life safety systems up and running as well. Whether you’re purchasing a new generator or UPS system, or you require repair services, it’s essential you bring in a professional electrician to ensure everything is operating smoothly.

If you’re in need of any of the commercial electrical projects we’ve discussed in this blog or another type of electrical work, Premier Electrical Contractors Inc. is here to help. Our experienced and knowledgeable commercial electrical contractors in the GTA will ensure your electrical work is done properly, safely, and up to code. Contact us today to schedule a service.